Make Continuous Delivery Possible

IT teams are struggling to drive grow-the-business Digital initiatives while still “keeping the lights on.” Their search for answers often leads them to Continuous Delivery, which promises the panacea of speed, quality, and efficiency. Despite this allure, it can be difficult to implement.

Continuous Delivery is more than just the ability to release software changes on-demand – it’s also a way of working that is foundational to the culture of an IT organization. This means that before Continuous Delivery can be successfully implemented within an organization, cultural transformation is required.

In addition to the problem of cultural change, other common roadblocks include disparate charters, KPIs that keep teams in silos, the absence of a coherent strategy, and the lack of ability to overcome physical constructs, such as office spaces that are not conducive to collaboration.

“I keep the servers up and running; my job is uptime. Helping development teams deploy their builds can affect this, so I can’t do it.”

“I am a developer. If servers aren’t ready, it’s not my problem”

So how do you make Continuous Delivery possible?

You start by applying DevOps culture, embracing the Agile approach and quickly deploying automation solutions. There are several ways to do this, such as the top down, or center of excellence (CoE) approach. This lets you bring in a core team of experts, analyze your landscape, build a plan, execute and spread it throughout the organization. Although this can work, it often fails during implementation because the cultural transformation never takes hold. It’s also costly and generally takes longer to realize positive change.

The CoE approach is not the only way to get to Continuous Delivery; some companies take a more surgical track by identifying a group within the IT organization and initiating the implementation of DevOps or Agile programs. This can work, but it’s difficult to bring Agile and DevOps together to realize their combined value, and even harder to share all those best practices across the organization.


Most IT organizations have developers in one group, testing teams in another, and operations in a third—each with different charters and KPIs


Productivity gains are limited due to partial or incomplete implementation and lack of cultural change within the organization


Partial implementation of automation solutions across disparate technology stacks limits the full potential of automation

Mindtree brings an integrated development and delivery methodology, allowing you to harness the agility of Continuous Delivery.

The most critical success factor is integrating IT teams and processes to continuously deliver high-quality operations. Mindtree can help by:

  • Creating Global Agile Teams for the Enterprise via Mindtree’s GATE Framework for distributed global Agile delivery and continuous improvement.
  • Accelerating time-to-market by providing DevOps methods and tools to build and deploy high quality software.
  • Driving efficiency and scale by deploying automation solutions across the development, release and testing process.
  • Implementing Mindtree Integrated Scriptless Testing Automation Framework (MIST) test execution automation on Selenium, integrating with Jenkins for continuous integration, and provisioning test environments in public cloud and virtual environments.
  • Implementing our Dynamic Test Engineering Platform (DTEP) accelerator for test design automation through model-based testing with Conformiq.
Mindtree Continuous Delivery Model

Continuous Delivery is the new best-practice for modern IT.

  • Improve delivery speed.
  • Increase quality.
  • Optimize costs.

Mindtree applies a unified approach for shifting to Continuous Delivery.

Our customized approach empowers you to identify the best starting point to implement DevOps and Agile, so you can deploy software in a fast and predictable way while maintaining efficiency in core operations. Key services we leverage to drive the shift to Continuous Delivery include:

  1. Our unique, Agile Center of Excellence is the only built-from-the-ground-up Agile Delivery Center in the US. This specialized facility provides exceptional Agile talent, deep domain expertise, and cutting-edge technology for organizations looking for a model of best-practices in Agile software development.
  2. Atlas Application Management Services is our well-honed IP framework that combines best-practice processes and tools for ensuring a smooth transition and continuous optimization for application management.
  3. Mindtree’s Test Engineering services ensure business process continuity and a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels, and development environments.
  4. Our CAPE automation platform brings together tools and reporting dashboards across functions, so you can view automation implementations and progress in one place. This results in a faster deployment and value realization of automation investments. You will be able to set up toolchains via pre-built integration points for both on-premise and cloud.

With the need to deploy advanced Digital initiatives to grow your business, the pressure to dramatically increase efficiency without losing quality is paramount. Explore the resources we’ve gathered here for you and you’ll come away with a fresh concept of how to unlock the potential of IT in the digital age with Continuous Delivery.

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