Test Your

Continuous Delivery Acuity

Create a baseline for charting your journey to a more effective Service Delivery.

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Question 1 of 8:

What is the structure of your IT department?

Question 2 of 8:

How are your agile teams distributed?

Question 3 of 8:

What is the frequency of your software releases?

Question 4 of 8:

If there is an error post-release, how long does it take for a developer to start working on a solution?

Question 5 of 8:

How many locations is your code stored in?

Question 6 of 8:

Which of the following are you using for your release quality reporting?

Question 7 of 8:

Which best describes your reporting process?

Question 8 of 8:

How long does it take to test a new release?

Your Continuous Delivery Acuity:

Alright, your organization is at the starting line and that’s okay. What you need is a single-thread delivery approach that unifies the goals of development, testing and support engineers to focus on faster time-to-market, and enhanced quality and reliability. It’s time to modernize your IT operations by integrating the traditional run-the-business silos of infrastructure, applications and testing to achieve the twin goals of high-efficiency and high-quality.

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